Modelling Section of Auto Club "Varteks" Varaždin

invites You to

13th open scale models contest and exibition

"Kup Auto Kluba Varteks Varaždin 2017"



on Dec 2nd, 2017, in III. Ground School, Trg Ivana Perkovca 35, Varaždin, Croatia.

Entry: between 08:00 to 12:00 hrs

Formal opening: 12:00

Judging time: 12:30 - cca 17:00

Free lunch: 13:00-15:00 in restaurant for all participans (500m from exibition site)

Announcement of results and closing ceremony: cca 17:30-18:30

Competition categories

Seniors (18 years and up)

Z1. Aircraft 1/100 and smaller
Z2. Propeller aircraft 1/72
Z3. Jet and rocket aircraft 1/72
Z4. Propeller aircraft 1/48 and larger

Z5. Jet and rocket aircraft 1/48 and larger
Z6. Helicopters all scales

V1. Military vehicles 1/72 and smaller
V2. Military vehicles 1/48

V3. Military vehicles 1/35 and larger

D1. Dioramas depicting aircraft, 1/72 and smaller
D2. Dioramas depicting aircraft, 1/48 and larger
D3. Dioramas depicting military vehicles, 1/72 and smaller
D4. Dioramas depicting military vehicles, 1/48 and larger
D5. Dioramas and vignetes of figurines, all scales

C1. Civilian vehicles, all scales

B1. Sail ships, all scales

B2. Motor ships, all scales

SF. SciFi and "what if", all scales

F1. Figurines, all scales


Juniors (up to 18 years)

J1. Aircraft, all scales
J2. Military vehicles, all scales

J3. Dioramas, all scals
J4. Other


Special category

S1. Scratchbuild models or significant conversions (more then 80% of original kit without aftermarket conversion sets), all models, all scales
S2. Israel-Arab conflicts, all models, all scales
S3. Croatian Military History, all models, all scales


Awards "Kup Auto Kluba Varteks Varaždin 2017" and "Junior Kup Auto Kluba Varteks Varaždin 2017" go to the best of show from seniors and juniors regardless of category and scale, as chosen by the judges.

HRCappuccino reward will be given to the best model chosen by HRCappucino team.

Visitors award will be given to the model with most visitors votes.


The application fee - payable when the object is submitted - is fixed to the following amount:

- Adults: 40 KN (Euro 5,-) / contestant
- Juniors (younger than 18 years at the day of submission): free of charge.

Please print filled Entry form and bring it to registration desk.

For additional information please write to following Email.




Natjecanje = Competition

Ručak = Lunch