The Russian Navy

Heavy Aircraft Carrying Cruiser

"Admiral Kuznetsov"

Olimp Resin Accessories

ORA72-04 (1/72)


Admiral of the Soviet Fleet Kuznecov is the only active aircraft carrier of the Russian Nay. Originally classified as heavy aircraft carrying missile cruiser (TAVKR) in Russian classification she serves as the flagship of the Russian Navy. The Admiral Kuznetsov's main fixed-wing aircraft is the multi-role Sukhoi Su-33, and she also carries Su-25UTG/UBP, and helicopters Ka-27LD32, Ka-27PLO and Ka-27S. It is planned that in 2015., after resource of Su-33 expires, they will be replaced by smaller and cheaper MiG-29K. What makes Admiral Kuznecov unique between aircraft carriers is missile armament consisting of 12 long-range surface-to-surface anti-ship Granit (SS-N-19) (NATO name Shipwreck) cruise missiles, and a ski-jump at the end of her deck for take-off of the fixed wing aircraft. It is planned that during the refit and modernization scheduled for year 2012. ski-jump will be replaced with conventional angled deck with catapult.

There are three take-off positions for fixed wing aircraft on the Admiral Kuznecov deck, and this base represent the third one, located in the middle of the carrier deck. The base is printed in the thin cardboard with dimensions 34,2 x 23,9 cm. The deck is printed in high quality glossy color, and bears markings for the third take-off position. Deck section choice was made very wise, as the third take-off position is crossing landing strip, thus enabling both display options. Also, besides the take-of position, there is helicopter take-off/landing position just besides, which gives additional usefulness to this base. Printed deck section unfortunately omits blast shield. The base is soft enough to allow engraving of additional details, such as deck plates joints, tie downs and drains. It is reasonably "dirty", and according to photos of current state of the deck, there is still room for additional weathering. Positions of both take-off/landing lines for fixed wing planes and helicopters are correct. The color of print is realistic, displaying nice scale effect.

In the set with the carrier deck you get additional base of the same dimensions, made of plain thick cardboard. Also, you get small PE fret, containing of wheel chocks for Su-33, which can be set in open or closed position; and flight officer pit cover, which can also be set open or closed. Of course, opened flight officer pit will require some extra work, as on the base there is just plain asphalt printed there (at least you should make a hole).

Instructions are printed on the small paper, with set contents and assembly instructions illustrated on the front side, and templates for Su-33 positioning (take-off and landing positions) and positioning for Ka-27/29 helicopters illustrated on the back side.



All in all this base is very handsome addition for displaying of Su-33 or Ka-27/29 models, but can also suit for MiG-29K and navy Su-25 variant. Quality of print is excellent, and with small touch-ups it can look almost perfect. The only thing missing maybe is blast shield section, but that surely would make this whole set more complicated and more expensive. What can I say at the end? Where did I see new Hasegawa's Su-33? I really need something that nice to fill up this base...



Tomislav Martan


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