Iraqui Roadsigns


This nice decal set is intended as addition to dioramas and vignettes with Desert Storm thematics. Thanks to Mr. Tóth Pétera for giving me a set of decals for review (and, also for use), You can see another decal line of TOFF Computers Ltd.

This set, unlike others previously reviewed, is printed by ink-jet printer on a white self-adhesive foil. Decals are printed on one piece of foil sticked to 118 x 82mm base, so every sign requires cutting before use. Set contents 4 each of road signs, "Stop" signs, "Forbidden area" signs; different posters, one sign with indicated distances, and one large Saddam picture. Print is typical for ink-jet printers, so that smaller details have visible "grains", and one-color signs are very nicely printed (the only sign with visible ink-jet printing lines is green one). All signs are matt, what requires gloss coating or gloss foil to be applied over them. Edges of signs are sharp and clearly printed, as well as edges of text within signes. The only thing that bothered me when reviewing this great set is actually Saddam's picture. It is actually printed with American soldier ripping it...

Attached is also small piece of paper with templates for use of some of the signs, and with explenation of one of signs (and You can see American soldier ripping Saddam's picture).


This decal set has a price of 3$ directly from the producer, and also 1/35 scale set is available with price of 4$.





Thanx again to Mr. Tóth Péter from TOFF Computers Ltd for decals donated for review and use.


Tomislav Martan

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