M1A1 Abrams Nicknames and Markings


So, here we have another decal set intended for Braille scale armour lovers, and this one is for Abrams tanks. Thanks to Mr. Tóth Pétera for giving me a set of decals for review (and, also for use), You can see great progress in quality of TOFF Computers Ltd decals.

Decals are printed on one piece thin, clear foil sticked to 83 x 53 mm paper base, what means that you'll have to cut any of it out, before using it. Set contains a lot of nicknames (18 different nicknames, 2 of each); 20 each nubers 0-9, 7 each letters A-D and 4 each markings ABN, CAV i HQ (all intended for bumper markings); double set of big numbers 0-9, 3 emblems also 2 pieces each, and tactical formation markings. Print quality is much better then previously reviewed decal sets (MIG-29 i Hungarian armour markings), what can especially be seen at small numbers and letters. There can still be seen smudge on larger flat edges (e.g. formation markings edges). Amount of decals given in this set is almost for smaller Tank Batallion, but part of decals can certainly be used for other American vehicles from Desert Storm (e.g. Hummer, Bradley etc.). There is no decal positioning scheme included, so in that part You're on your own.

This decal set has a price of 4$ directly from the producer, and also 1/35 scale set is available with price of 6$.





Thanx again to Mr. Tóth Péter from TOFF Computers Ltd for decals donated for review and use.


Tomislav Martan

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