German Panzer divisions marking


1:72 Scale No. D.72001

After almost 6 months of rush for this decals set (sold-out at Squadron from the first day, and also at other Hobby Shops), at last I managed to lay my hands on one of them.

This set is "must-have" for any modeler dealing with small scale German armor (1/72 & 1/76 scale), not only for the coverage, but also for quality and quantity (it is consisted of over 400 decals).

Decals are nicely and accurately printed on thin, transparent decal film, and they are made separately - every decal on its own piece of film.

Markings cower basic logos of almost all major Panzer Divisions, greater and bigger armor units: 28 Panzer Divisions, 8 SS Panzer Divisions, Grossdeutchland, Panzer Lehr Division, 1. SS Panzer Korps, 9 Schweres Panzer Abteilungs, 76 tactical divisional markings (2 pieces each) and few "crosses" (IMHO waaaay to little, but they come with almost any kit anyway).

The price of this set is 7 - 30 EUR, depending on retailer.

I'd like to mention that ICM also makes the same decal set in 1/87 scale (H0/00), and 4 more similar sets in /35 scale. Only problem with those decal sets is that they are sold-out almost all the time.




Tomislav Martan