Hungarian MiG-29 in NATO Camo



Last year's visit to Kecskemet Air Show left fair amount of impressions, and brought a lot on fresh ideas and interests. Among them, there is MIG-29 in Hungarian Air Force markings, but in new, NATO scheme.


Regarding the lack of such decals in the market, I started planning making and combining my own, but luckily my friend from Budapest (thanx Zsolt!) forwarded me a link to webpage of a new Hungarian decal producer TOFF Computers Ltd who is producer of decals I was searching for, and many others (as by what can be seen on their webpage, we might soon expect even more modelling stuff from their production).

As I was already well hooked-on to a Hungarian NATO MIG, I decided to try ordering TOFF decals at any costs. I thank to Mr. Tóth Péteru for giving me a set of decals for review (and, also for use)...

So, let's start with decals. Decals are printed on one piece thin, clear foil sticked to 62 x 58 mm paper base. That means that you'll have to cut any of it out, before using it. On the reviewed set in 1/72 scale there is some 126 decals, of what 8 goes to national markings (only 6 are to be used), 8 goes for numerical codes (for two different aircraft), further 8 goes for tactical markings and badges (two different badge types), 2 goes for "false canopy", and the rest are stenciles. Decals are printed fairly precise, but edges on bigger decals are a bit smudged. There are decals for two aircraft stationed in Kecskemet AFB (59TFW HUAF): Bumblebee Squadron (No. 21) & Puma Squadron (No. 04). Unfortunately, scheme for only No. 21 is given. As decals which are different for those two aircraft are marked with the same numbers, from the painting and positioning scheme it isn't too clear which is which..

Painting and positioning scheme is printed on A4 size paper by a ink jet printer, and due to pale print some things are not too clear visible. There are 4 drawings of MIG with numerically marked decals and color chips with RAL & FS markings.

This decal set has a price of 10$ directly from the producer, and also is available the same set for 1/48 scale, but with almost double amount of stenciles.

Considering that the subject for this decals is quite specific, this is very interesting set, and I can recomend it to anyone interested in Hungarina AF MIG-29s.





Thanx again to Mr. Tóth Péter from TOFF Computers Ltd for decals donated for review and use.


Tomislav Martan


Please, also check other decals sets from TOFF Computers Ltd