WW2 Hungarian Armour Markings


Considering nearness of Hungary, and quality and quantity of Modeling Contests held, it was only matter of time when I'll get some of WW2 Hungarian Armor kits. As those kits are mainly resin (original, or copies) they mainly come with no decals supplied. Luckily my friend from Budapest (thanx Zsolt!) forwarded me a link to webpage of a new Hungarian decal producer TOFF Computers Ltd who produces such and other decals (as by what can be seen on their webpage, we might soon expect even more modelling stuff from their production).

I thank to Mr. Tóth Péteru for giving me a set of decals for review (and, also for use)...

Decals are printed on one piece thin, clear foil sticked to 61 x 44 mm paper base. That means that you'll have to cut any of it out, before using it. On the reviewed set in 1/72 scale there is 164 decals, of what 14 goes to national markings of two types (two different sizes each), 125 goes for numerical codes (two size solid black, two size outline white and one size solid white numbers), 12 goes for letter codes (two size solid black letters), 6 more for tactical markings and 7 for badges. Decals are printed precise, but smaller decals are a bit smudged. According to quantity of decals supplied, it should suffice for at least 4 different tanks. Unfortunately, there is no painting and positioning scheme supplied with decals, so you'll have to rely on your own.

This decal set has a price of 4$ directly from the producer, and in 1/35 scale those decals are also available, but as two separae sets: one with national markings and other with codes, tactical markings and amblems.




Thanx again to Mr. Tóth Péter from TOFF Computers Ltd for decals donated for review and use.


Tomislav Martan


Please, also check other decals sets from TOFF Computers Ltd